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Overview: was created to verify email and phone contact information and help with the sales prospecting process. After creating a list of people to reach out to, you want to ensure that you have verified contact information. This will help you maximize your prospecting efforts by saving you time and ensuring that your emails do not bounce and your phone calls and sms texts get delivered.


Our add-on is pay as you go and there are no on-going monthly costs. Therefore, you only pay for what you use. You can buy credits in batches which can be redeemed for verifying phone numbers  and / or email addresses.

Credit Redemption:

Email Credit Redemption: (1 Credit = 1 Email)

Phone Number Redemption (4 Credits = 1 Phone)

Bonus Sign-Up Credits:

25 free credits for signing-up

Credit Buying Options:

+500 Credits.. $5 

+2,000 Credits.. $10

+10,000 Credits.. $25

+25,000 Credits.. $55

+100,000 Credits.. $180

+500,000 Credits.. $700

How To Buy Credits:

1) Open the add-on, select the number of credits that you want to purchase.

2) Select the “Buy Credits” button

3) Enter your credit card number, expiration date, and CSV code

4) Select the “pay” button

5) Great, now your credits have been added to your account.

Refund Policy:

We do not offer refunds after credits have been purchased.

Lead Credit Expiration:

Lead Credits Do Not Expire

Email Status Description:

Valid – The email address passed all checks and is safe to mail.

Invalid – Do not mail. The email does not have proper syntax, the domain is dead or the mailbox doesn’t exist.

Accept_All – The domain doesn’t support a mailbox level check. Also known as a “catch-all” domain. Expect some bounces from these addresses should you choose to mail them.

Risky – The email address is valid but it may cause delivery issues (e.g. spamtrap, honeypot or complainer). If you’re having deliverability issues, don’t send email to risky addresses.

Unknown – We couldn’t get a response in time. The email syntax and domain are usually valid, but we could not confirm the mailbox. Messages to these addresses may see bounces. Repeating the query later may deliver a valid/invalid status.

Phone Number Status Description:

Valid: The phone number is usable.

Invalid: The phone number is usable.

Phone Type Description:

Landline: The number is used with a wired phone.

Cell: The number is used with a wireless phone.

VOIP: The number is used with a Voice Over IP phone.


If you have any questions or need any help with the plugin, please contact support at or

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